Sladja Redner

Personal Growth Coach


Certified Life Coach


Confidence, General Life Coaching, Health & Wellness, Spirituality


One-to-One Coaching, Other


Bosnian., Croatian, English, Serbian



Maybe you have a nagging feeling that there’s so much more you could be, do, and have. You’re tired of settling, making empty promises to yourself, and not living up to your potential. Perhaps, a part of you knows that life could be more colorful and fulfilling if you could just stop holding yourself back with constant self-doubt, shame, and judgement.

As a licensed therapist and a coach, I know that you can’t shame yourself into healing and growth. That happens from a place of acceptance, authenticity, and self-trust. If you are ready to honor yourself and answer the call to be, do, and have more, I’d love to help you on this endless, but exciting, journey of personal growth and change.

I will help you identify & let go of identities you’ve outgrown, connect to your own wisdom and self-trust, and thrive as your most authentic self.

My approach is based on the human potential and a belief that regardless of how difficult and disempowering your past experiences have been, you have the power to become who you were meant to be and feel like the leader of your life.

Let’s begin creating the story you will be proud of and excited for!

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